About this blog

If “the best way to learn is to teach”, the second best way to learn is probably to write. By reflecting on things you experience, read, talk about etc. by writing them down forces you to articulate their essence and I believe that process is a great way to learn. It also captures the reflections and knowledge for future reference and you are able to return to your thoughts, ideas and feelings whenever you want.

This blog captures some of these “learnings” from different situations in my life. “Learnings”, it’s a great word! To me it means the small golden nuggets of distilled knowledge and a-ha moments that comes from experience and insight. It wasn’t until I started this blog that I learned that it’s not actually a real word. I think it should be! And until there is a better word for it, I will call this blog “Learnings”. This blog something I’m doing mainly for myself. But perhaps there is something here that you can learn as well?